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  • Matt (Wednesday, September 21 11 04:26 pm BST)

    (Wednesday, September 21 2011 16:11)

    Hello Saurabh,

    Thank you for getting in touch and congratulations on completing your MSc. You are right to point out the market is still difficult, and there are a number of contractors and consultants still
    suffering through lack of work. That said, we are seeing an improvement compared to this time last year and as ever there is always a need for well qualified, talented individuals.

    I'm not entirely sure what your work status is however it will certainly benefit any application you make if you are fully up to date with your and the potential employer's obligations. In this
    market our advice to you and to anyone else trying to find a position is; to work with an agency that specialises in your area and knows the busier companies and latest vacancies, contact potential
    employers directly with an easy to read, informative CV that defines what you have done and also what you can do, and finally we would recommend you utilise the various social media sites that allow
    you to broaden your network and contact people you wouldn't normally be able to access.

    We would be happy to review your CV on the email above and wish you the best of luck in your search for a position.

    Regards, Matt

  • Saurabh Sood (Wednesday, September 21 11 11:33 am BST)

    Hello Matt,

    I am an Architect by background with 13 years of experience in UAE and India. I have recently finished my full-time MSc in Construction Project Management from Loughborough University to complement
    my work experience which is primarily related to design development and management of large scale / mega construction projects.

    I am presently in London desperately looking for a job. I am well aware of the employment crisis in the construction industry here in the UK but would still like to explore my chances.

    Kindly advise if it is possible for me to find a relevant job here and what positions should I be targeting. Can I find a job of a design manager or an architect or equivalent in the UK and if yes,
    what is the right way of moving ahead?

    Please also advise on the best way of marketing myself to the employers here with my present status. I can send you my detailed CV, if required; I would also appreciate if you have any other advice
    for me.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Kind regards,

  • Matt @ Jackson Young (Thursday, November 11 10 09:28 am GMT)

    Hello Kofi,

    Thank you for taking the time to post your comment. Jackson Young is a specialist recruiter in the market you are working in and we currently have live Quantity Surveying and Estimating roles.

    May I suggest you send your cv to us as it stands now and we can work out how best to present your skills, experience and ambitions. Following that we can work together to find you your next

    We are contactable on 020 7844 0299 and cv@jacksonyoung.co.uk.

  • Kofi (Thursday, November 11 10 08:52 am GMT)

    I have been working with a consulting practice as quantity surveying for the last four years. Prior to this position I worked with a house builder/developer as QS/Estimator for about a year and

    I have had experience providing all QS services from project inception to completion including cost planning, contract administrations, project management, employer’s agent etc.

    I am looking to make a move and ideally would like to join a contractor either as a QS or estimator / bid manager.

    Do you have any tips for me in terms of my CV and where to start my search?

  • Akber Ismail (Thursday, May 13 10 05:29 pm BST)

    I am in the same boat as Machux, I am from South Africa with over 10 years experiance and just under 1 year U.K experiance and have also found it quit difficult to find work. My work experience
    ranges from Technical Co-ordination, Structural design, Structural detailing, site supervision, repair maintenance programs for buildings, preparation of tender documents, tender evaluation, project
    management and invoicing for projects that I am involved in

    It seems the recession has hit everybody.

    I am really interested in the D&B field and Renewable sector,but getting in has been a struggle.

    Any tips or vacancies for me, willing to start at the bottom again.

    Akber Ismail

  • Matt@jacksonyoung.co.uk (Thursday, April 15 10 03:31 pm BST)

    Hello Machux,

    Thank you for your question, I'm sure it is one that many people would like the answer to. A few years ago there wouldn't have been a need for it as the shortage of qualified people like yourself
    resulted in a much simpler job finding process, however times have changed dramatically.

    Unfortunatley I don't have the answer but what I can do is recommend some tactics that might help. Network online and face to face as much as you can. Track which sites are coming live and target
    those companies, some sectors are getting busier and it is companies in these areas that you need to approach. Make sure your CV looks really smart, is easy to read and emphasises your key skills and
    strengths. Target recruitment consultants that have a real strength in your area. For example at Jackson Young we are particularly adept at placing construction management, design and commercial
    staff. With regards to courses I am not in the position to offer any advice apart from suggesting that being fully up to date with H&S / CSCS won't do any harm.

    This market requires real persistance and positivity. This, combined with your strong passion for construction, and the tactics mentioned above is the most likely way to gain employment.

  • Machux (Thursday, April 15 10 03:00 pm BST)

    I just relocated to the UK 11months ago.I have a Bsc in Building and 4years setting out experience acquired in lagos.Having a strong passion for the field of construction,I would like to get back
    into the construction industry but here in the UK,this has really been difficult.What must I do to be able to get employed into the UK construction industry,what couses should I do if need be?
    Thanks for your anticipated extensive advise

  • Steve (Tuesday, November 17 09 03:07 pm GMT)

    I certainly agree with the first poster, Mark, I'm in a similar position having been a freelance engineer for the last 5 years. During that time I rarely even updated my CV between contracts as my
    recruitment agent would do it for me.

    This year i redid it myself more formally with a list at the top with my skills, then a list of type of projects/values etc and then a final list with the contractors i had worked for and the dates.
    It has worked, and was fine for the permanent role i took start of the year. Well worth the time..

  • Matt@JacksonYoung (Tuesday, November 10 09 05:33 pm GMT)

    Thank you for your question, you won't be the only person facing the same dilemma. You are right to acknowledge that a long CV is not the most effective way to market yourself, however if you don't
    know where to start, reducing it is a challenge.

    At Jackson Young we work closely with our candidates to make sure they are marketing themselves appropriately and we have the knowledge and expertise to extract the key details and present them in an
    effective way. If your consultant isn't doing this then you need to find out why.

    If you are not using a recruitment consultant then I would recommend outlining your core competencies, key achievements and reason for application in an introduction. Order your positions in reverse
    chronological order (ie most recent first) with brief project and role details (1/2 lines). Please bear in mind that most clients will be looking at your previous 10/15 years of work so there is no
    need to go back too far. Clarify any gaps in work. With the remaining space outline any professional qualifications, computer skills, education etc.

    Hopefully that will have given you some pointers, I'd be happy to go in further depth if you want to get in touch.

  • Mark (Thursday, November 05 09 01:30 pm GMT)

    I have been in the industry for some considerable time, initially directly employed, and then for the last 13 yeaars have been doing contract work. Obviously during those 13 years I have worked for a
    number of clients & have built up a wide variety of skills. How can I create a CV that reflects the experience/value that I can offer clients without taking up 12 pages to list all the companies
    I've worked with and what I learned & the value I added at each of them. Also, ideally I'd like not to have to generate umpteen CVs, each focused on a particular role I'm applying for.

    What advice can you offer me?

    rgds, Mark

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